FoCo Frozen Out!

Posted on by Venus Bike Club

Here is the only picture we got of our long anticipated Destination Weekend in Loveland & Fort Collins (LoCo/FoCo) due to the unexpected mini-winter weekend.

It’s Not Always So Clear

Posted on by Carol M

Often at intersections, cyclists will call out “Clear!” or “All clear!” when they’re about to cross. This means they have looked both ways and are confident they can safely cross. But calling out “clear” for someone else can be dangerous! Just because it’s clear for you doesn’t mean it will stay clear for those behind . . . read more

Have You Flossed Your Bike Lately?

Posted on by Clinic Team

(And Other Tips from the Bike Maintenance Clinic) We all recognize the importance of keeping our bikes in good condition, so when we get out on the road, we experience fun and not catastrophic mechanical failure. Turns out, there is a lot we can do ourselves to keep our rides clean and functional and minimize . . . read more

Practicing Safe Intercourse*

Posted on by Carol M

Let’s talk about side-by-side riding. As a recreational club with social rides, we understand engaging in verbal intercourse on rides makes them more enjoyable. While we do want you to have fun on rides, safety must always come first! Therefore, only ride side-by-side when there is enough room on the shoulder or bike path for . . . read more

Another Successful Pathta-Palooza Ride/Clinic 

Posted on by Clinic Team

A dozen riders ventured off to learn how to navigate some of the frequently used Boulder bike paths. We didn’t stay the course — surprise!! We rode an elevator, we split the group and reconnected, and we tried to get lost but failed. In short, we had A LOT of fun! And we finished up . . . read more

A Dance with Your Bike: Beginners’ Skills Clinic with Ann Trombley

Posted on by Clinic Team
Clinic participants with Coach Ann

Have you ever thought of your bike as your dance partner? In the Beginners’ Skills Clinic on April 28th, cycling coach Anne Trombley encouraged us to replace stiffness with mobility and balance — just like a dance — to prepare for any obstacle we may encounter on our rides. We practiced proper body position with . . . read more

Colorado Safety Stop Legislation Passed!

Posted on by Jan Borstein

Most of us probably know of an intersection where we wish we weren’t legally required to come to a complete stop at the stop sign. Perhaps it’s a spot where there’s rarely any traffic, or where cyclists have a dedicated bike lane that traffic never crosses anyway. In these cases, I wish it were legal . . . read more

Riding in the Wind

Posted on by Sandra Vannice

Wind: the perceptible natural movement of the air, especially in the form of a current of air blowing from a particular direction The National Weather Service (NWS) defines BREEZY as wind sustained at 15 mph and WINDY once winds reach 20 mph or more. No doubt about it, riding in the wind is hard work. . . . read more

Need help selecting a new bike?

Posted on by Maggi Friend

Recently while I was getting my bike fit, my fitter showed me a website that I wish I’d known about before I bought my bike. If you’re in the market or even window shopping for a new ride, check out Enter your current bike and then add bikes you’re interested in to see how . . . read more

Did you miss the Ride with GPS Clinic?

Posted on by Sam Clark

The Venus Bike Club uses Ride with GPS (RwGPS) for its weekly, gravel, and destination trip route management. So it might be a little confusing when you join the Club and are new to the RwGPS desktop and mobile apps. There’s some interplay, which this Zoom clinic addressed.  Did you miss it? Fear not — . . . read more