B is for BRAKE!

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by Lina Moreyra You’re persistent about checking your bike’s Air (See Venus blog post, What PRESSURE?!?), Brakes, and Chain before jumping on your bike and pedaling away with your Venus sisters. But what exactly is involved? Keep reading because today’s spotlight centers on how to check your bike’s braking system. Stop by your favorite bicycle . . . read more

Lina’s Lesson: Tune-up Time?

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Welcome back! A new season fills the ol’ bucket list with dreams and plans of conquering mountain climbs, cycling events, or even riding that first century! While your mind and body train for these milestones, your bike also needs to be in fit form to carry you through. Maybe you’ve taken your bike to your . . . read more

Secrets to a Successful Ride

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At a recent clinic for leads and sweeps, we learned about best practices from Lucy Lead and Sally Sweep. They’d like us to keep a few key points in mind: Club members can find links to our Lead/Sweep Clinic video and slides on the Member Dashboard.

Ladies Saddle Up for Bike Club Kick-Off Bash!

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At Thursday evening’s Venus Bike Club Kick-off Party, spandex was stretched, helmets were adjusted, and energy levels were as high as mountain peaks. Picture this: a flurry of neon-colored lycra, with handlebar decorations rivaling a Mardi Gras parade float. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement, as members swapped tales of biking triumphs and wipeouts. Amidst the . . . read more

What in the world is “Average Speed?”

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This blog post is based on an article originally written by Venus member Gordana Dukovic. We’ve edited it for 2024.  The Venus Bike Club is a supportive biking community, serving women cyclists of a wide range of abilities and experience. To meet our members’ needs, each weekend we offer rides at several distances and speeds. . . . read more

Ride Coordinators Are Asking for a Little…

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For each week’s VBC road rides, two members from our Steering Committee or Ride Committee volunteer as Ride Coordinators. “What’s that?,” you may be asking. Great question! As Ms. Franklin sang, what you want, Venus Sisters, they got it. What you need, do you know they got it? All they’re asking is for a little . . . read more

Beating the Winter Blues

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The days are short, the nights long, and “Baby, it’s cold outside!” The holidays are over, the treats are gone (well, maybe not GONE gone), and here we are in January with three months until the kickoff of our cycling season. If you’re feeling like you just want to hibernate and all that holiday cheer . . . read more

Venus Bike Club Pedals into Autumn with its End-of-Season Party

Posted on by Doris Cheung

As the sun dipped below the horizon and the leaves began to rustle in the cool autumn breeze, members of the Venus Bike Club gathered for an unforgettable evening of celebration. Judy and Laura welcomed everyone to Junkyard Social with warm smiles as members caught up with each other and exchanged “You clean up nice!” . . . read more

Venus Gals Just Wanna Have Sun!

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Victoria G and Julie P hosted our second stand up paddle boarding event of the season at McIntosh Lake in Longmont on Sunday. Sarah H and Maggi joined the fun, and the ladies had a great time paddling around the entire lake, relaxing on their boards, and chatting with each other. The sun was shining, the . . . read more