Palisade Escapades

Posted on by Carol M

25 Venus ladies spent a weekend in Palisade enjoying the rides, scenery, wine, peaches, and all that the Western Slope has to offer. Here are some of the adventures we had. Day 1: The Wine&Fruit Loop. First stop – Palisade Pies for second breakfast. Various other stops included Art (which we imitated and abused), and . . . read more

Venus de Miles 2021 Was a Blast!

Posted on by Venus Bike Club
Venus Bike Club members group shot

This year’s Venus de Miles Ride was AwEsOmE! Here are a bunch of fun pictures, which are each worth a thousand words, so we’ve saved you a lot of reading!

Cin Cin! from Avanti’s Rooftop Bar and Food Courts

Posted on by Venus Bike Club

A whole lot of us trekked past and through numerous new and returning CU students to hang out on the outdoor patio at Avanti, reminiscing over recent epic rides and plotting future madness on the pavement. Be sure to stay tuned as we plan more social events for the Club, and if you’ve got an . . . read more

SUP was so much fun, we did it twice!

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We had such a great time on our first stand up paddleboarding event, we did it a second time and had more fun than we could … STAND! (Get it?!) Union Reservoir is a perfect place to learn how as no motorboats are allowed, so no boat wakes to worry about. The reservoir also has . . . read more

Everything You’d Need to Know to Fix a Flat and Get Back on Your Ride

Posted on by Sam Clark

On August 17, 2021, we had an in-person Fix-a-Flat Clinic at Full Cycle with Brett, the service manager. Since all the participants run tubeless tires (What a happy coincidence!), he tailored the clinic to focus on tubeless. Brett provided helpful tips on how to seal a puncture by rotating the wheel so the sealant is . . . read more

Gettin’ Good at Going Up and Going Down: Climbing and Descending Clinic

Posted on by Sam Clark

On Thursday, July 22, 2021, Ann Trombley spearheaded the clinic that taught eight participants the finer points of gearing, braking, cadence, and body position to improve upon their ability to climb and descend on the bike. The talk included practical tips such as rotating the handlebars for hand and wrist comfort and riding in the . . . read more

How to Hurt Less Where Bike Meets Body: Saddles, Shoes, and Pedals Clinic

Posted on by Sam Clark

On Monday, July 26th, 2021, twelve Venus members attended a clinic by Jen Sharp at Full Cycle about hands, bottoms, and feet –– or more specifically, how the right saddle, shoes, and pedals can determine whether we’re comfortable or miserable on a ride. Participants learned about advances in saddle and shoe technology and tried out . . . read more

Summit Shenanigans!

Posted on by Carol M

Twenty-six Venus members had a blast riding in Summit County on our Destination Trip. The weather forecast looked very threatening, but it never rained on us! On Friday morning Sherri led a ride up Ute Pass Rd. while Doris and Carol did a Frisco bike pathta-palooza to learn their way around town. When others arrived, . . . read more

Strength Training for Cyclists

Posted on by Clinic Team

Kristin Carpenter, DPT Co-Owner of MEND Physical Therapy, educated us on the importance of incorporating a strength training program  into our training plan for better cycling performance, and for improved functional strength so that we may live more independently as we age. She encouraged us to gradually increase the weight we lift by considering a . . . read more