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Lina’s Lessons: Tune-up Time?

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Welcome back! A new season fills the ol’ bucket list with dreams and plans of conquering mountain climbs, cycling events, or even riding that first century! While your mind and body train for these milestones, your bike also needs to be in fit form to carry you through.

Maybe you’ve taken your bike to your trusty mechanic for its annual tune-up, but in case you haven’t or perhaps you’re curious as to what’s involved, below is a list of some of your bike’s hardware that needs attention:

  • Derailleurs – Adjustments to the front and back, IF needed. If shifting feels smooth while changing gears, then there is no need to adjust. Otherwise, take a trip to your local mechanic for an adjustment. Wipe down any grime or dust collected in the derailleurs with a rag. 
  • Drivetrain – Check that chain (see Check that Ch, Ch, Chain), clean/wipe those jockey wheels, cassette, and chainring. 
  • Cables – Check for corrosion and visible tears on the micro-coaxial wires. If possible, slide your fingers along the cables — these should feel smooth, not sticky or rough. 
  • Cable housing – Check for any visual tears and exposed cables. 
  • Wheels – Do they need truing? Loose spokes? (see Squeeze those Spokes!). 
  • Hubs – Are they rotating smooth like butter? Time to change tires and replace or add sealant. 
  • Brakes – If needed, replace brake pads (disc or rim systems) and check for wear on the rotor.

Pamper your bike with drizzles of TLC and a weighty tune-up. Happy Riding!

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