Fringe Pizza Feeds the Famished

Posted on by Doris Cheung
Veggie pizza

If you missed happy hour at our sponsor Fringe Pizza last Wednesday, you really missed out! Forty-something Venus sisters gathered on the airy outdoor patio and in the cool indoors and gourmandized an array of appetizers, a salmagundi of salads, a potpourri of pizzas, and ambrosial adult beverages on tap.  We arrived with hearty appetites, . . . read more

Is it still “biking to work” when you don’t have a job?

Posted on by Venus Bike Club

This past Wednesday, June 22, a few Venus sisters (Carol, Sam, Rosana, Debbie, and Cindy) met up for Geezer Trick-or-Treat Day Walk and Bike to Work Day! Sam had planned to drive to the St. Julien, but Carol reminded her that it’s called Walk and Bike to Work Day for a reason. Our morning started . . . read more

We Gotta Get Outta This Place

Posted on by Lilian Francklyn

Bicycle Touring, Stateside and Overseas In case you were thinking it might be fun to ride your bike somewhere besides Boulder, without all your incredibly supportive and fun Venus friends, there *are* some interesting options for group rides — not only here in the U.S. of A., but in many countries.  You may have to . . . read more

Getting Caught in a Storm?

Posted on by Maggi Friend

Mother Nature has certainly given us reason to pause this season. Wind, rain, lightning, and even snow! Obviously the Ride Committee will do its best to make pre-ride decisions to keep our members safe.  In the event weather takes a turn while riders are on the road, we absolutely encourage the ride lead to stop . . . read more

Gravel and Gastronomy

Posted on by Venus Bike Club

This past Saturday, May 28th, a Dirty Dozen of us (yeah, we were a little dusty by the end) ventured out on a 25-ish-mile gravel ride and inadvertently found ourselves learning about single track for a couple miles! Then we zoomed down some dirt roads until we got to some proper gravel to groove on. . . . read more

Thunderbolt and Lightning, Very Very Frightening… ME!

Posted on by Sandra Vannice
Riding in Storm Lightning

Weather in Colorado can be unpredictable, and storm clouds can build quickly in the afternoon heat. Getting chased by lightning can really take the joy out of a ride — I’ve been there a couple of times, and it is not fun! So while you may have blue skies overhead, you could be at risk . . . read more

Your Handy Dandy Summer Cycling Event Planner

Posted on by Lilian Francklyn
Decorative image

We thought we would fill you in on some of the great events coming up in and near Colorado. That way, you can plan your summer around your FAVORITE activity! Visit these major cycling websites to keep abreast of the news, ladies! And that’s about all we can fit!  Bicycle Colorado This Denver-based group has . . . read more

FoCo Frozen Out!

Posted on by Venus Bike Club

Here is the only picture we got of our long-anticipated Destination Weekend in Loveland & Fort Collins (LoCo/FoCo) due to the unexpected mini-winter weekend.

It’s Not Always So Clear

Posted on by Carol M

Often at intersections, cyclists will call out “Clear!” or “All clear!” when they’re about to cross. This means they have looked both ways and are confident they can safely cross. But calling out “clear” for someone else can be dangerous! Just because it’s clear for you doesn’t mean it will stay clear for those behind . . . read more

Have You Flossed Your Bike Lately?

Posted on by Clinic Team

(And Other Tips from the Bike Maintenance Clinic) We all recognize the importance of keeping our bikes in good condition, so when we get out on the road, we experience fun and not catastrophic mechanical failure. Turns out, there is a lot we can do ourselves to keep our rides clean and functional and minimize . . . read more