Ask Big Sis: Cycling Clothing Questions

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Dear Big Sis:I’ve been curious about this for a long time and now that I am starting to bike, I have to ask. I have the same question everyone asks about kilts: “What do you wear under that chamois?”~ Wondering in Longmont Dear Wondering:And the answer is the same as for a kilt: Whatever you . . . read more

Lina’s Lessons: Fall is near … so check your NUTS!

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Apart from hearing that sweet humming sound rising from the wheels or buzzing from the hubs, the bicycle is engineered to be a quiet machine. Hearing the cacophony of squeaks, clinks, and clunks is not only annoying but a sure sign that the bike is sending you a signal of distress. Ignore her calls at . . . read more

Handling the Heat

Posted on by Sandra Vannice

Remember the cool and wet spring weather that seemed to last until yesterday? Well those days are gone! Welcome to summer and riding in the heat! On long rides or days when it heats up quickly, it’s best to be prepared to prevent dehydration, heat exhaustion, or worse–heat stroke. Be aware of the signs and . . . read more


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By Lina Moreyra and Jan Borstein Back in the day, we used to think that riding on skinny tires, inflated to the maximum pressure listed on the tire sidewall, would enable you to ride faster. We’re talking about 25mm tires inflated to 110 or even 120 psi. When that tire pressure made it feel like . . . read more

When should you take the lane?

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By Sharon Alexander and Jan Borstein The suggestion that cyclists always ride as far to the right on the road as possible can, in certain situations, be dangerous. And technically, it’s not what the law states. So don’t hug that far-right, ragged edge of the road when it’s not the safest option. According to Colorado state . . . read more

Lina’s Lesson: Check that Ch-Ch-Chain

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We could safely say the chain is your bike’s beating heart. Keep it in a healthy state, and your ride will be smooth. Dirt, grime, or a stretched chain will make your ride miserable. Today’s lesson is knowing when to replace the chain. The chain consists of multiple links holding rollers (bushings) and pins together. . . . read more

You Can’t Have Too Many Bike Paths

Posted on by Jan Borstein

Boulder County provides lots of bike paths and bikeable shoulders — more than what other counties can claim— but that doesn’t mean that Boulder County has enough. Our bike network still has quite a few gaps, such as a good direct connection between Boulder and Longmont. Alexandra Phillips, the Boulder County Bike Planner and a . . . read more

Ask Big Sis: Pffffffffffft! Uh-Oh! Flat…

Posted on by Carol M

Hey Big Sis: I’ve had four flat tires this month. Same tire. I change the tubes, but they keep failing. What’s going on? – Flat-bottomed girl Dear Flat-bottomed girl: I can think of several reasons for this: To improve your skills, be sure to attend the next hands-on Fix-a-Flat Clinic. Goathead* season is coming … best . . . read more

Lina’s Lesson: Squeeze those Spokes!

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Many cyclists are diligent about checking the As (air), Bs (brakes), and Cs (chain) before going for a ride. But are we checking the tension on those spokes too? Spokes are the lifeline to keeping your bike’s wheels straight and true with each rotation, and one ride represents thousands of rotations on your wheels. Make . . . read more

VBC vs. VdM: Do you know the difference?

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Once upon a time Kai and Karli Gronholm owned Full Cycle Bike Shop in Boulder. Back in 2008 a friend of Karli’s organized a women’s cycling event called Venus de Miles (VdM) as a fundraiser for Greenhouse Scholars. This inspired Karli to start a women’s bike club, sponsored by the Full Cycle Bike Shop, to . . . read more