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Ladies Saddle Up for Bike Club Kick-Off Bash!

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At Thursday evening’s Venus Bike Club Kick-off Party, spandex was stretched, helmets were adjusted, and energy levels were as high as mountain peaks. Picture this: a flurry of neon-colored lycra, with handlebar decorations rivaling a Mardi Gras parade float.

The atmosphere buzzed with excitement, as members swapped tales of biking triumphs and wipeouts. Amidst the laughter, someone mistook a bike pump for a microphone, leading to impromptu karaoke sessions with cycling-themed remixes.

As the sun set, the party transformed into a makeshift velodrome, with synchronized bike dances and wheelie contests. It was a wheely good time, leaving everyone eager to pedal their way into adventure with newfound friends.

That’s not what really happened at our kick-off party — we just wanted to see if you were paying attention (Thanks for the laughs ChatGPT!)! We DID have a super-fun time as you can see here…

Thanks, Ellen, for MCing the event — you’re hired!

Note the pink reflective vest that all weekend Ride Coordinators will be sporting this season.

Dee bantered with the crowd during bingo, and everyone flitted around the room finding sisters who helped them fill in their bingo cards.

There were lots of raffle prize winners including Suzanne, who won an hour-long massage from one of our sponsors, Maggie Weaver.

Thankfully, members filled in this board, so Pam wouldn’t have to cry. 😉

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