Two Clinics in One: Our Pelvic Floor and Nutrition for Cyclists

Posted on by Maggi Friend

We had a great two-fer clinic at BUILD PT on July 11, 2024. Two presenters delved into two important-to-us-as-female-cyclists topics. PELVIC FLOOR HEALTH What is the pelvic floor? It’s the muscles, tendons, and cartilage that provide the support within our pelvic girdle (the bony framework of the pelvis). It holds our organs in our bodies, . . . read more

Ladies Saddle Up for Bike Club Kick-Off Bash!

Posted on by Venus Bike Club

At Thursday evening’s Venus Bike Club Kick-off Party, spandex was stretched, helmets were adjusted, and energy levels were as high as mountain peaks. Picture this: a flurry of neon-colored lycra, with handlebar decorations rivaling a Mardi Gras parade float. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement, as members swapped tales of biking triumphs and wipeouts. Amidst the . . . read more

Venus Bike Club Pedals into Autumn with its End-of-Season Party

Posted on by Doris Cheung

As the sun dipped below the horizon and the leaves began to rustle in the cool autumn breeze, members of the Venus Bike Club gathered for an unforgettable evening of celebration. Judy and Laura welcomed everyone to Junkyard Social with warm smiles as members caught up with each other and exchanged “You clean up nice!” . . . read more

Venus gals just wanna have sun!

Posted on by Venus Bike Club

Victoria G and Julie P hosted our second stand up paddle boarding event of the season at McIntosh Lake in Longmont on Sunday. Sarah H and Maggi joined the fun, and the ladies had a great time paddling around the entire lake, relaxing on their boards, and chatting with each other. The sun was shining, the . . . read more

Venus de Miles 2023: Well, THAT was fun!

Posted on by Venus Bike Club

This year’s Venus de Miles was the best one yet! The day appeared as though it might be soggy wet, but we lucked out and enjoyed perfect temps for riding. This is just a sample of the Venus Bike Club members who participated (read: who took and shared photos). A terrific group of Venus sisters . . . read more

Gravelly Goodness

Posted on by Venus Bike Club

A bevy of beauties biked on bike paths, bike lanes, dirt trails, and gravel to see breathtaking scenery around Standley Lake in Arvada.  We barreled back to Colorado Tap House, imbibed beer and other beverages (including wine slushies), and banqueted on bountiful burgers and lunch items at the bistro and bar. Bravo, Lauren Delle, for . . . read more

South St. Market Makes Us Happy!

Posted on by Carol M

On a rainy Thursday evening 25 of us squeezed inside South St. Market to imbibe in their delicious food and wines. What a fun time!

Venus Kicks Off in Style!

Posted on by Venus Bike Club

Here We Go Again – Season 15 Wow! Venus had a yummy and amazing kickoff party to start off SEASON 15 in style!  We had a great turnout with nearly 100 members joining together at My Neighbor Felix on April 11th. It was wonderful to see friends again and meet new cyclists. It was also . . . read more

Saucy sisters see the pathta-bilities!

Posted on by Doris Cheung

About two dozen gals gnocchi-ed together in early April and made spaghetti and meatballs out of Boulder’s bike paths. These ladies took turns leading and sweeping, and holy cannelloni, they did a pathta-tively awesome job!