Paceline Clinic

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In this clinic we learned that the paceline is a group riding formation where riders share the work of pulling by rotating positions during a ride. We received instruction and practiced three types of pacelines: the single paceline, echelon, and double paceline. We learned the importance communicating clearly by using the commands: steady, up, and . . . read more

Safe Riding Clinic

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The rain stopped and skies cleared just in time for Jen Sharp’s Safe Riding Clinic. To start Jen asked us to name our top safety concerns, which were: being hit by a car, making tight turns, and stopping suddenly. The ABC’s or pre ride checks: Air, Brakes, Chain, were explained and tips for dressing in . . . read more

Beginning Group Riding Clinic with Ann Trombley

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Illuminating, Engaging, and Confidence-Building! Five Venus members strengthened their group riding skills at the May 24th Beginning Group Riding Clinic with former Olympian and physical therapist Ann Trombley. Here’s what two participants had to say about this valuable hands-on clinic: We were a group of five enthusiastic participants plus our instructor, Ann Trombley. Ann is . . . read more