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Another Successful Pathta-Palooza Ride/Clinic 

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A dozen riders ventured off to learn how to navigate some of the frequently used Boulder bike paths. We didn’t stay the course — surprise!!

We rode an elevator, we split the group and reconnected, and we tried to get lost but failed. In short, we had A LOT of fun! And we finished up the afternoon with meatballs and tap sampling at our sponsor, Fringe Pizza.

Thanks to everyone who came out for the Bike Pathta-Palooza Clinic. We hope the ride made you more comfortable with the bike paths we often use on our rides. If you want to become a Venus lead or sweep volunteer (and earn $$ towards next year’s membership), be sure to review the following:

In response to some of the many great questions asked at Pathta-Palooza, here are some links to resources and follow-up informative blog items:

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