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Gettin’ Good at Going Up and Going Down: Climbing and Descending Clinic

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On Thursday, July 22, 2021, Ann Trombley spearheaded the clinic that taught eight participants the finer points of gearing, braking, cadence, and body position to improve upon their ability to climb and descend on the bike.

The talk included practical tips such as rotating the handlebars for hand and wrist comfort and riding in the drops on the descent. Then the group got to practice various hand, leg, and booty positions for both uphill and downhill comfort, power, and control.

The best part is some of us got to use the newly-gained information the following weekend on the Frisco Destination Trip for the climbs and descents on Swan Mountain and Vail Pass! Thanks to the Clinics Subcommittee and Ann for putting on such an informative and fun presentation.

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