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How to Hurt Less Where Bike Meets Body: Saddles, Shoes, and Pedals Clinic

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On Monday, July 26th, 2021, twelve Venus members attended a clinic by Jen Sharp at Full Cycle about hands, bottoms, and feet –– or more specifically, how the right saddle, shoes, and pedals can determine whether we’re comfortable or miserable on a ride. Participants learned about advances in saddle and shoe technology and tried out the Assometer (yes, really) to see where our sitz bones sit.

Nothing beats a bike fit to dial in the dimensions and contact points of each of these areas, so Full Cycle graciously offered participants 30% off their 3D Retool and 2D Fit Review (normally $325 and $175, respectively). That’s in addition to the discount participants can get until the end of the month for new pedals, shoes, or saddles to help optimize fit between bike and body.

Thank you, Jen and Full Cycle!

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