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Don’t wear those new shoes!

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Test out your *whatever*
for the Venus de Miles Ride NOW!

If you’re saving something new and special to wear, eat, or use for the Venus de Miles, DO NOT do that. TRY IT NOW. Trust us — you don’t want to be 20 miles into your ride and discover that something is rubbing you the wrong way, that your tummy’s starting to talk back to you, or that something’s not working the way you’d intended.

Give your new gear a couple of test runs and necessary adjustments before the big day. Some items to think about:

  • Gear (e.g., jerseys, shorts, bibs, socks, shoes, cleats, helmet, sunglasses, gloves)
  • Equipment (e.g., saddle, computer, lights)
  • Food and hydration (including pre-ride breakfast or trying out intermittent fasting)
  • Skin care products (e.g., sunscreen and lip balm)
  • Venus props (e.g., wings, antennae, feather boas, tutus)

(Speaking of tutus….)

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Yes, there will be plenty of food at the rest stops to keep you energized, but bring your own if you have dietary restrictions or food sensitivities.

The point is to have fun at the Venus de Miles. The best way to do that is to be well prepared and minimize (or eliminate) any surprises you can avoid.

You’re welcome.

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