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Venus “pops up” indoors!

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When Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate, we don’t get off the bike, we just bike inside. Venus member and indoor cycling instructor Ellen Nordberg offered a pop-up indoor cycling class to Club members, and we had a blast!

On December 11, 2022, the Venus gals headed into the Colorado Athletic Center for a workout of our legs and lungs. A few of us were decked out in our brand new “gears” kit (the screamin’ yellow panels really stood out when the studio went dark for the class), and we all spun and sweated to Ellen’s fantastic “Women Power” playlist. There’s nothing like technofied Abba and vintage BeyoncĂ© to get the legs turning!

After cooling down and showering off, we met at Tangerine for brunch. Catching up, sipping caffeinated beverages, and enjoying our meals, we all agreed: There are few better ways to spend a Sunday morning.

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