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Become self sufficient on the road, Pffft … FLAT TIRE!

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Once again we‘re asking all our riders to come prepared and be self-sufficient by carrying the proper tools and equipment needed to fix a flat and take care of minor (easy fix) mechanical issues.

Everyone should carry a multi-tool to fix that loose bottle cage or for when a seat post slips. Unless you have tubeless tires, riders should also carry the following in their seat           


  • spare tube 
  • tire levers
  • CO2 cartridge and inflator or bike pump

If you need instruction, check out this fix-a-flat video from LIV Cycling. Try changing your tube a few times at home to get the hang of it. If you’re not confident with fixing a flat on the road, your lead/sweep can offer instruction.

Those annoying minor mechanicals happen to all of us, so be prepared, and you’ll be back on the road in a jiffy. If your mechanical is something that can’t be fixed on the road, have a plan to call someone to pick you up.

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