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Bike Pathta-Palooza Gets 5-Star Reviews!

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Comments from our attendees, some of which were not fabricated:

  • “It was a fun ride, and maybe we will see a new lead or sweep as a result!”
  • “Had a great time! Highly recommend it!!”
  • “You guys just ooze fun!”
  • “I got lost on the way there. But I guess it would only be ironic if I got lost on the way back…”
  • “It was so much fun to explore the pathta-bilities!”
  • “It makes twisted sense to me now!”
  • “UH OH! SpaghettiOs!”
  • “HEEELLLPPP!! I’m lost in a twisted mass of spaghetti paths, and there’s a gigantic fork coming after me!”
  • “It was pathta-tively AMAZING!!”

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