Ride Coordinators Are Asking for a Little…

Posted on by Venus Bike Club

For each week’s VBC road rides, two members from our Steering Committee or Ride Committee volunteer as Ride Coordinators. “What’s that?,” you may be asking. Great question! As Ms. Franklin sang, what you want, Venus Sisters, they got it. What you need, do you know they got it? All they’re asking is for a little . . . read more

Help us win a free Club RwGPS account!

Posted on by Doris Cheung

If you haven’t yet joined the Venus Bike Club Ride with GPS (RwGPS) Club Account, now is the time, because RwGPS is offering its member cycling clubs the chance to win a free club account for life.  The club account adding the most new members during the month of April will win a free account . . . read more

From our friends at Greenhouse Scholars …

Posted on by Doris Cheung
Wine glass half full

We cannot wait to gather together — in person — for Glass Half Full! Returning to the McNichols Center in downtown Denver, this event promises to be our best Glass Half Full yet. As always, we will feature culinary creations from local chefs, as well as wine, beer, and craft cocktails. There will be a . . . read more

Where Your Dollars Go

Posted on by Sam Clark

This is our very first year On Our Own! Throughout 2021 we worked on separating ourselves financially from Full Cycle, and that process was completed in October.  So where’d the money go? Here. It went here, in this colorful 3D pie chart. We bought stuff. Stuff to run a business with. Boring stuff like insurance, . . . read more

2021 – Let’s Break It Down:

Posted on by Sam Clark

Members We had 210 members for our 2021 Season! 91 were new members, 10 returning from 2019. Weekend Rides We were able to ride 20 times during our 24-week season with 72 rides planned. 1902 legs pedaled a total of 1838 miles! The short ride group racked up 379 miles. The medium ride group rode . . . read more